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September 26th, 2011

10:19 am - Penny & Aggie - The End
The End!

More or less.

I'll have to take another spin thru the archives, but that will have to wait 'till Wednesday.

Fantastic comic, perfect ending. As I said before - I feel a little sad that the story is over, but I'm glad that it has an ending.

PS: Think we'll see any more of Helen after this?


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August 29th, 2011

04:57 pm - Speaking of Penny & Aggie...

I knew it was the end of the story (for now anyway), but that's not what I was expecting... well, actually looking back at Fans! or CCS, I really should have expected to see it, too! :)

Anyway, it's always a little sad when one of your favourite stories is coming to a close, but, at the same time, also quite exhilarating.

I have no idea how this one is going to turn out - peeks into the future and alternative universes aside.

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August 25th, 2011

01:03 am - Love for Penny & Aggie ... again!
I've been catching up on my comics for the past few months. Phoenix Requiem ended nicely. Gunnarkrigg Court remains the highest level of awesome, and somehow the closest thing to Doctor Who i've seen anywhere, print, screen, or web... Fans! has a great new epic storyline...

...but Penny & Aggie just... wins.

So... I totally didn't see that coming! And especially not that. Awesome.

The inevitable angst and pain is just going to be so much fun! (Drama-wise!) I just love these characters - and how they can so deftly hold their own without any outside agency to crank up the tension, the stakes.

I like that Penny seems more comfortable with the whole thing than Aggie. Though, it is the sort of thing you should expect because it is the unexpected thing, or it would be if the characters weren't so well developed. ;)

On the other hand... this is Aggie's dream...

...and this is Penny's .. sort of.

Maybe i should have seen that coming after all! >_>

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August 4th, 2011

06:51 pm - Grabbing a Nice Quote from Some Space to Think:
 "Honestly, initiative is one of those areas where I really prefer GM instinct and dicelessness. That is to say, while numeric initiative totally makes sense when everyone is part of the big picture (as in the case of, say, a tactical minis skirmish) that's not how fights work in fiction or perception. They are lots of miniature stages within the large picture, and we (as audience) move from one to another according to the cadence of the fight. A good GM can use "initiative" as that audience, moving from place to place according to the logic of the fights, not according to some numeric counter. Doing so covers a multitude of sins, allows for characters with different levels of combat focus to get different levels of attention while still keeping the spotlight from lingering too long in one place.

But that's not something you can really write a rule for. That's a problem."

This is a really interesting thing to keep aware of. How would you try to formalize that sentiment into a set of guidelines, perhaps AW-style?

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May 26th, 2011

08:17 pm - I love reading AW APs...
 ...and this one from Judd's Hoover Dam game is the best move ever:

"When you read SPEC OPS MANUAL 053: Psychic Warfare, roll + Sharp:

"It reads like stereo instructions but the stereo is your mind and the music it plays is the act of killing people."

On a 10+, you can take 1 of the following 3:
  • +1 forward with any Weird based roll used to hurt or infiltrate someone/something.
  • Take an XP in order to buy up your Weird stat or buy a Weird-based move (custom or from another playbook)
  • The next time you are in deep shit, you can roll Weird for the Seize by Force move.

On 7-9, you can take any one of the above but the MC can ask you to Roll Under Fire when you are doing something perfectly normal. The book is training you to see people's minds as nothing but pieces in a wargame.

On a miss, this fucking book doesn't make any kind of fucking sense. Fuck this. And you also get the consequences of the 7-9 but with no good stuff to go with it."

I really need to find some time to play this game sooner rather than later!

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April 28th, 2011

10:05 pm - Yes, Burning Wheel Elves are Awesome
Burning Airships - Wow, just wow. What a fantastic setup for a high (!) fantasy game! Make sure you scroll down to read the GM's write-up of the first session... 

The whole thing kind of reminds me of Doctor Who a bit - with travelers from another time arriving in the midst of earthshaking changes and creepy alien influence, but having antagonists who aren't exactly evil, or even necessarily wrong

The setting itself - between the mind-influencing "sky angels/demons" and the vast and eternal empire - reminds me of the world from the indie action-rpg game The Spirit Engine 2.

A choice quote: "As for elven language, I imagine they have tenses that are bizarre and long ranging (the Inevitable tense, the Inconceivable tense, etc.) with aspects handling the actual placement in time as normal folks think of it (by which I mean you need auxiliary verbs to establish if the inevitable has already come to pass or is yet to)."

Check out session 2; it's even more awesome.

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March 2nd, 2011

03:20 pm - The Sagan Series
 These videos are wonderful pro-space propaganda, which makes me think they'd be the sort of thing the Commonality would disseminate.

1. The Frontier is Everywhere

2. Life Looks for Life

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