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The Joss Factor: Buffy versus Angel

Now that I've watched all 5 seasons of Angel, let's take another look at the fates of the series' characters.

  • Buffy: dies in a heroic sacrifice in year 5, but is resurrected by Willow against her will; she eventually recovers
  • Xander: survives seven years on the Helmouth to become quite the hero in his own right
  • Willow: survives a fall into darkness to become the greatest good witch in the world, & find new love w/ Kennedy
  • Giles: survives, and regains Buffy's trust
  • Angel: killed by Buffy in year 2, but returns from "hell" in year 3, then goes on to Angel
  • Joyce: dies of (seemingly) natural causes in year 5
  • Jenny Calendar: killed by Angelus in year 2
  • Cordelia: goes off to Angel after year 3
  • Jonathan: dies at his friend Andrew's hands, after finding a true measure of redemption and purpose
  • Spike: dies in the final battle to redeem himself, but is brought back on Angel in year 8
  • Anya: killed in the final battle in year 7
  • Oz: survives becoming a werewolf, eventually leaving to seek mastery over himself
  • Wesley: goes off to Angel after year 3
  • Faith: survives villainy, a coma, redemption, and the final battle
  • Tara: killed by Warren, as a bystander, in year 6
  • Riley: survives the fall of the Initiative, but leaves to join the Army's demon hunters in year 5
  • Dawn: survives her mystical origins in year 5 to become something of a heroine herself, & loving sister to Buffy
  • Andrew: survives villainy & redemption to become an ally of the Slayers in year 8 (on Angel)
  • Kennedy: survives the final battle at the Helmouth
  • Robin Wood: probably survives the final battle

  • Angel: still standing at the end of the series, but facing certain death
  • Doyle: sacrifices himself in season 1 to save Cordelia, Angel, & a boatload of refugees
  • Cordelia: finally dies in season 5, after a year in a coma, ultimately because of 'Jasmine'; she does retain the PTB's favour, however
  • Kate Lockley: survives a suicide attempt in season 3, but has nothing more to do with Angel afterward
  • Wesley: killed by Cyvus Vail during the confrontation at the end of the series; possibly planned his own death, possibly not
  • Gunn: still standing, but dying, at the end of the series, facing the horde
  • Lindsey: murdered by Lorne during the final confrontation, he doesn't get the second chance at redemption he was looking for
  • Lilah Morgan: murdered by Cordelia (possessed by Jasmine) after a long crawl toward redemption
  • Lorne: survives the final confrontation, but as something of a shadow of his former self
  • Fred: infected, transformed, and assimilated into Illyria, she dies horribly in season 5
  • Connor: survives, adjusted to a life with three fathers
  • Spike: still standing against the demonic hordes at the end of the series, as a fully redeemed hero
  • Illyria: standing with Angel, Spike, & Gunn at the end, as a fallen goddess given new purpose by Wesley
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