StefanDirkLahr (selentic) wrote,

February Movie Marathon

 I just spent most of the last month watching movies with a Netflix trial subscription; this adds up to a lot of movies, maybe even than i'd seen prior, maybe not.

These are the ones that moved me the most:
  • Monsters (American)
  • The Life Before Her Eyes (American)
  • Tell No One (French)
  • Don't Look Back (French/Italian)
  • Evil (Swedish)
  • Exam (British)
  • The Host (Korean)
  • Keith (American)
  • The Jacket (American)
  • Let The Right One In (Swedish)
There are a bunch of other movies I really liked, as well. Naturally, most of these are SF/Horror, including re-watching Ginger Snaps, Jennifer's Body, & Smilla's Sense of Snow, but the bulk of the others seem to be pyschodramas or mysteries with romantic elements. I also watched a bunch of Noir-esque mystery-dramas, the best of which was Brick.
Only one movie was a straight-up comedy (The Big Lebowski), despite what Netflix's tags read. Beautiful Creatures and The Assassination of a High School President were fairly comedic, as well, though not to the same level. 


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