StefanDirkLahr (selentic) wrote,

I love reading AW APs...

 ...and this one from Judd's Hoover Dam game is the best move ever:

"When you read SPEC OPS MANUAL 053: Psychic Warfare, roll + Sharp:

"It reads like stereo instructions but the stereo is your mind and the music it plays is the act of killing people."

On a 10+, you can take 1 of the following 3:
  • +1 forward with any Weird based roll used to hurt or infiltrate someone/something.
  • Take an XP in order to buy up your Weird stat or buy a Weird-based move (custom or from another playbook)
  • The next time you are in deep shit, you can roll Weird for the Seize by Force move.

On 7-9, you can take any one of the above but the MC can ask you to Roll Under Fire when you are doing something perfectly normal. The book is training you to see people's minds as nothing but pieces in a wargame.

On a miss, this fucking book doesn't make any kind of fucking sense. Fuck this. And you also get the consequences of the 7-9 but with no good stuff to go with it."

I really need to find some time to play this game sooner rather than later!
Tags: story-gaming

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