StefanDirkLahr (selentic) wrote,

Love for Penny & Aggie ... again!

I've been catching up on my comics for the past few months. Phoenix Requiem ended nicely. Gunnarkrigg Court remains the highest level of awesome, and somehow the closest thing to Doctor Who i've seen anywhere, print, screen, or web... Fans! has a great new epic storyline...

...but Penny & Aggie just... wins.

So... I totally didn't see that coming! And especially not that. Awesome.

The inevitable angst and pain is just going to be so much fun! (Drama-wise!) I just love these characters - and how they can so deftly hold their own without any outside agency to crank up the tension, the stakes.

I like that Penny seems more comfortable with the whole thing than Aggie. Though, it is the sort of thing you should expect because it is the unexpected thing, or it would be if the characters weren't so well developed. ;)

On the other hand... this is Aggie's dream...

...and this is Penny's .. sort of.

Maybe i should have seen that coming after all! >_>
Tags: webcomix

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