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a linear experiment

20 September 1981
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This is Transparency, so let me tell you a little about myself.

I've made myself known variously as SDL, Sempiternity, & Selentic; legally Stefan Dirk Lahr. Although i like the charm and flexibility of cognomens, i detest the prevalent culture of anonymity of the web - it profits us not at all.

Like everyone else, I'm working on games of my own. However, I'm always split between tabletop wargaming and role-play/story gaming.

I'd love to make a story game focused on heroic political action - sort of in the veign of Reign or Houses of the Blooded.

Also, i have a very crude Tarot-based "game" sketched out: The Fool & The World

I find the idea of a narrative wargame fascinating. I would love to come up with something to combine GZG's Stargrunt, Dirtside, and Full Thrust, as well as Ad Astra Games' Attack Vector: Tactical or Squadron Strike, together to create a larger context for tactical battles. I believe context, of one sort or another, is essential for getting the most out of gaming, and that a story-game framework is best suited to providing the best context.

I wrote an FMA-system game of close combat infantry actions with 25mm minis for myself. It still needs testing and revision before i post it in any form.

I've also begun work on a Renaissance & Fantasy variation of the FMA rules, although this one is going to be a much bigger departure from the system, by neccesity.

My Hardspace science fiction universe is deserving of further exploration, in guide, game, and story format. I work on this all the time, off and on, but, as yet, haven't produced a whole lot of material. It's a shame.

I am now a full-fledged grad student at East Stroudsburg University's Biology department. I'm most interested in Biogeography and Phylogenetics, but who knows what i'll actually be doing my thesis on. A concentration on a large scale Evolution, Ecology, & Enviroscience approach underlays my studies, but lately i've been working on gaining lab experience.

I have a special interest in Xenobiology and the potential wonders of alien life. And, yes, i prefer Xeno to Astro, at least when discussing aliens.

Personally, i'm more than a bit shy, but i'm anything if antisocial!

20th October, 2008